Digitata Dynamic Tariffing

Allows MNOs to smartly price calls, SMS and data, depending on network and customer elasticity. Intelligent pricing allows operators to maximise yield, subscribers to benefit with improved affordability and access, and also allows the introduction of disruptive, innovative products that touch a subscriber base of millions.

Digitata Insights
Facilitates mobile engagement, incorporating content and gamification strategies to create extended, emotional customer engagements, allowing mobile subscribers to access content and engage with new services.
Digitata Networks
Vendor-agnostic network configuration management to transparently manage and troubleshoot all major mobile technologies (2G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi) and multi-domains (Core, RAN, TX), offering operators cost savings through improved efficiencies.
Digitata Innovation
Develops new innovations, prototypes and related patents. Products being incubated and developed by Digitata Innovation include Glovent's GloPortal, SnapTariff, and other creative concepts in the area of ‘Big Data’.

Innovative solutions allowing mobile network operators to improve their network, revenue and subscriber experience.

Touching the lives of millions of mobile subscribers in some 25 countries across 4 continents