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Digitata Networks

Digitata Networks offers intelligent subscriber centric and multi-vendor network centric solutions to monitor, audit, control and automate all major mobile technologies (2G,3G,4G) across multi-domains (RAN, TX, CS CORE, PS CORE, IP).

Network Product Suite

Network Layer Platform

Network-Centric Offerings

Based on our NL-P (Network Layer Platform), Digitata Networks’ offer Configuration-, Performance- and Asset-Management products, services and solutions. Our Network Centric offerings are designed to transparently monitor, audit, control and automate functions and elements throughout all major mobile technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) across multi-domains (RAN, TX, CS-Core, PS-Core, IP-Core*), independent of the
equipment vendor.

IoT Platform

Customer-, Subscriber- and Device-Centric Offerings

Based on our IoT-P (Internet of Things Platform), we offer a range of Customer/Subscriber/Device-Centric Products, Services and Solutions to obtain insights into the subscribers’ real network experience and also to simulate and predict subscriber behaviour. Further to this, we also offer a Network Survey solution that allows Operators and Vendors to survey and record network assets while automatically updating a centralised database.