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Asset Management and Tracking (NetAM)


What is NetAM?

NetAM is an Asset Management product that can monitor both Live and Passive Assets within a network.

Live Assets

Live assets (such as BTS and BSC boards) are tracked by querying the network directly and obtaining the asset information.

RFID Tags and Readers

Passive assets such as aircons and batteries, can be tracked by making use of RFID tags and readers. This information can be stored and reported on, so that an entire sites inventory can be tracked and monitored.

Manual Audits

Manual site surveys or audits can be captured using an app with standard and customisable forms.

External Databases

External inventory databases can be integrated into the solution. The data can be used to do correlations between the Live and Passive asset audits, and the database can be automatically updated to reflect what is in the network.

Asset Tracking

Assets are tracked by serial number or RFID tag and any addition, removal or movement can be reported on.