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Asset Management and Tracking (NetAM)

NetAM is an Asset Management product that can monitor and track both Live and Passive Assets within a network (down to board serial numbers).

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What is NetAM?

NetAM is an Asset Management solution that can discover and track both Live and Passive Assets within a MNO. NetAM resides on our NL-P (Network Layer platform) and can be integrated to all the main Network elements of a MNO.

Live Network Assets

Depending on the OEM, live assets of the RAN, CS-Core, PS-Core and TX network elements is automatically discovered and tracked (add, delete, move). Further to this, Network Licences and Features can also be tracked through NetAM.

Active Asset Tracking

Through NetAM, the S/N of Active Network Assets are automatically uploaded in regular intervals, and Asset additions, removals and movement is recorded in the database over time.


NetAM has strong reporting capabilities. There is a great number of standard asset tracking reports available, but custom reports can also easily be created. Reports can be exported in .pdf and .csv file formats and can be automatically sent via email.

External Databases

The NetAM DB is integrated with our NetSurv DB via and API to allow for active and passive asset correlation. NetAM could also be integrated to external solutions via a ODBC or API link.

RFID Tags and Readers

NetAM can be integrated to other solutions (such as RFID, Bar Code) and the passive network elements can be correlated to the same topology and active assets in the MNO.