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Customer Experience Management (NetCE)


What is NetCE?

NetCE is a Customer Experience app that lives on the handsets of the subscribers. It monitors the customer’s experience of the network and reports back to a centralised server for further analysis by network engineers.

Passive Monitoring

For normal subscribers the app will run in passive monitoring mode. This means it will collect data about call quality, call drops etc, in the background without the subscriber having to do anything. This data is then sent to a centralised server.

Online Analysis

All the data collected from subscribers can be viewed and analysed in different ways by an engineer on an online portal. This includes reports on the different events in tabular, graphical and geographical formats.

Customer Complaints

Customers can log complaints directly on the App, and receive feedback on these complaints too.

Drive Tests

Engineers can use the App in active monitoring mode in order to perform drive tests. The data is collected along the route and uploaded to the centralised server for quick analysis of problem areas.

Crowd Sourcing

If many subscribers have the app installed, the operator essentially ends up with a multitude of network quality testers. If multiple people in the same area are experiencing a similar problem, the engineers can react quicker to fix the problem.