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Network Configuration Management (NetCM)


What is NetCM?

NetCM is a configuration management product that provides visibility, highlights configuration inconsistencies in parameter configurations and allows for corrections to be made (automated or semi-automated).


With NetCM, comparisons can be made automatically between all the various network elements. This includes planned vs live, policy vs live, current vs past network configuration

Multiple Views

The network configuration data in NetCM can be visualised in various ways including: hierarchical, table, graph and GIS views.


NetCM reports on common configuration issues in the network, and can also be customised with bespoke reports as required by an operator. The reports can be viewed in a tabular, graphical and GIS format and can be emailed daily.


If NetVU is also installed, configuration changes can be correlated with changes in network performance and vice versa.


Data is extracted from the network automatically, and fixes to the configuration issues identified can be automated to run into the network at scheduled times.