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Network Parameter Audit (NPA)

Network Parameter Audit (NPA) services use the NetCM platform to identify issues with the configuration of the network, and highlight any parameters which do not conform to OEM best practices or operator specific policies.

Services Dashboard: NPA Summary and Detailed Reports

NPA Summary and Detailed Reports

NPA Group OPCO Reports

For Group OPCOs, Digitata Networks offers a Network Parameter Health Report, which provides a standardised way to compare and measure the different networks in the group with one another in terms of parameter issues using a Configuration Health Index (CHI).

An audit is run on each network, and an NPHI value is assigned based on the number of errors identified in the network, taking into consideration the impact of the issues on network performance as well as the network size.

NPA Group OPCO Reports

Network Performance Overview (NPO)

Network Performance Overview (NPO) services use the NetVU platform to display Key Performance Indicators at a network level, as well as show trends in the network performance.

Network Revenue Overview (NRO)

Network Revenue Overview (NRO) services use the NetVU platform to report on revenue trends in the network based on IN CDR data.