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Digitata Limited focuses on delivering intelligence in the mobile telecommunications and digital media arenas, enabling mobile operators, brands and agencies to offer their customers greater value and an enhanced user experience.

This is achieved through the application of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The company products and services are provided by three streams:

Dynamic Tariffing™, trusted by operators to intelligently price calls, SMS and data, now applies this same intelligence to a segment of one. Our smart app, SnapTariff, provides data control and management, feedback on customer usage and behaviour, and the ability to present real-time offers such as smart bundling.

Digitata Insights has reinvented consumer engagement. The holy grail is to have consumers actively seeking engagement. By gamifying the journey the consumer proactively embarks on a fun, interactive and immersive experience. This offers the brand an unprecedented opportunity to reach and engage with the consumer.

Digitata Networks provides intelligent vendor-agnostic network configuration management, performance/revenue monitoring, asset tracking and customer experience management products, services and solutions to transparently monitor, control and automate all major mobile technologies across multi-domains.