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Digitata Limited has been selected by Ericsson AB, the leading provider of telecommunications solutions globally, to provide core technology for Ericsson’s Yield Optimization Solution.

Ericsson’s Yield Optimization uses the operator’s excess network capacity to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve the operator’s returns on investment and get more out of the network
  • Win and retain customers
  • Allow the operator to defer network expansions, reducing both capital and operating expenditure

It does this by using discounted tariffs to shift load within the network, away from periods of peak congestion to times when the network has unused capacity. But it is not a blunt instrument, like a static, off-peak pricing scheme.

This solution is dynamic: it uses historical and current load and revenue data, and the business rules set according to the operator’s business objectives, to determine the optimal discount for each individual cell, at specific times. Near-real-time monitoring allows the operator to react quickly to network conditions and unexpected events. A powerful algorithm ensures control of the operator’s revenue. Broadcast messages let the customers know the discount level at any time, encouraging them to call, text or consume data – when the operator wants them to.

Ericsson has been doing this for years, helping operators win millions of customers. An earlier version of Yield Optimization called Dynamic Discount Solution won the AfricaCom prize for innovation in 2008. The experience Ericsson has built up is experience the operator can use to achieve its business objectives, whether it wants to maximize subscriber growth, revenue growth or a combination of the two.

The partnership has proven to be highly successful.


To address the need for end-to-end asset management in the growing telecommunications market across Africa, we are collaborating with IBM to integrate our world-class Configuration Management platform, NetCM, into IBM’s Tivoli platform.