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Products and Services

Digitata Limited is organised into three streams each specialising in a particular area:

Digitata Intelligent Pricing – Vaitom

Digitata’s new Vaitom solution intelligently transforms pricing and subscriber engagement for mobile operators, empowering operators to make better and more informed decisions to meet and exceed business objectives. More

Digitata Networks

Digitata Networks offers mobile operators subscriber-centric, network-centric, site-centric  & multi-centric solutions to monitor, audit, control & automate mobile technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) across multi-domains (RAN, CS-Core, S-Core, TX), OEM independent. More

Digitata Gaming Platform –  PlayBoxCade

Digitata Insights enables intelligent digital transformation for mobile operators and brands by applying gamification to customer engagement to drive specific human behaviour. More

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Digitata Business Advisory Services include

Launch Consultancy Service
Evaluation and Evolution Service