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Digitata Dynamic Tariffing Digitata Dynamic Tariffing

Digitata Business Advisory Services

Digitata Business Advisory Services provide a comprehensive offering of analysis and services aimed at delivering a true understanding of the impact of dynamic pricing and customer activity change.

The DTS Digitata Business Advisory Services are made up of 3 principle components – Launch Consultancy, the Evaluation and Evolution service and Guided Analytics.

Digitata Launch Consultancy

Dynamic Tariffing (DT) is a product that requires careful positioning and packaging within the operator’s existing market environment. It needs to be tailored to local market conditions and the operator’s strategic direction. The Launch Consultancy service is designed to guide and assist the operator in the definition, packaging and launch of the product.

The service is delivered by Digitata’s Business Advisory Services team and draws on best practices gained from previous deployments of DT. The Business Advisor (BA) engages with the Operator’s team throughout the delivery of the service to align on the strategy that will determine how DT will be positioned and launched in the marketplace.

Digitata Evaluation and Evolution Service

The Evaluation and Evolution (E&E) Service follows the commercial launch of the Dynamic Tariffing Solution (DTS). This service provides strategic product support through continuous engagement with the Operator. As part of this ongoing consultation, the Operator is furnished with monthly strategic reports which, on a quarterly basis, are delivered to the Operator in country.

The E&E reports provide an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective performance of the DTS from the following perspectives:


  • Business strategy recommendations
  • Product positioning
  • Product evolution
  • Product innovation
  • Intelligent pricing


  • Customer acquisition (new and migrated)
  • Customer activity
  • Customer retention
  • Market penetration
  • Intelligent pricing


  • Price point evaluation
  • Pricing strategy comparisons
  • Net effective tariff analysis
  • Intelligent pricing


  • Minutes of Use
  • Uncharged Minutes of Use
  • SMS traffic
  • Data volumes


  • Subscriber spend analysis
  • Revenue trend analysis
  • Revenue DT/non-DT comparison
  • ROI analysis


  • Utilisation analysis and optimisation
  • Under-utilised cell analysis
  • Intelligent pricing