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Smart Stretchi Bundles

Subscribers needing a bundle of data valid for a longer period, but having some flexibility as to where and when they use that data, will benefit from Digitata’s Stretchi bundles. With Stretchi bundles, a guaranteed amount of data is purchased for a fixed price, however the value proposition of Stretchi bundles is that the actual amount of data available to the subscriber is “stretched” further than the guaranteed amount depending on various factors at the time of use. The amount of bonus Stretchi data received is determined at consumption, according to location, device, and time of day.

For example, a subscriber may purchase a guaranteed 200MB of data at $5. The very least amount of data he will receive would be 200MB, however, he could benefit from 600MB of data (or much more) depending on when and where he actually uses the data, and the operator’s strategy and metrics.

Explaining Stretchi Bundles