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About SnapTariff

SnapTariff is an app for Android that offers the following benefits for all users:

  • Prevent background processes from using your data without your consent.
  • Capitalise on any data you have available to use at night, which is typically wasted, by allowing updates or downloads to happen during these periods.
  • Have full visibility of what applications are using data on your device.

Features of SnapTariff for users on Dynamic Tariffing enabled networks

Digitata’s trusted Dynamic Tariffing™ lets mobile network operators intelligently change Call, SMS and Data pricing according to operator strategy and network/subscriber elasticity, offering subscribers better value while protecting the network and maintaining/improving revenue.

SnapTariff app offers smart bundling and tighter control of data spend.

  • See the real-time offers available for Voice, SMS and Data usage.
  • Purchase data bundles.
  • Monitor your usage intelligently from within the app.

Get SnapTariff

  • Search for “SnapTariff”
  • Download
  • Accept and Install
  • Run
  • Enter your mobile phone number (without country dialling code)