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Digitata Insights USSD Sponsored Games

Engage with mobile users using Digitata Insights’ USSD Sponsored Gamification.

With over half of Africans still using feature phones and therefore without access to mobile gaming apps, Digitata Insights is making mobile gaming accessible to millions of consumers by using USSD technology to create games that do not require a smart phone or data. USSD is still widely used in countries where smartphone penetration remains low. An average of 26.7 million unique users every month visit the star dial menus of South Africa’s 2 largest operators.

Digitata Insights’ USSD sponsored games are interactive, text-based games available to users of all types of mobile phones, from basic, through feature to smart phones.

Digitata Insights can create a unique USSD-based game especially for your brand. The user experience is fully customized to educate players on your brand and products, to incentivise desired behaviours and inspire customer loyalty.

Benefits of USSD Sponsored Games

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Brands can reach and educate consumers in a fun and entertaining way

There is no cost for the subscriber, no data costs or app downloads

Multi-player functionally allows for an element of competition between players

Brands can measure engagement with consumers

Brands enhance customer loyalty with rewards/incentives such as data, airtime, and vouchers