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The Hansa Switch @6 Campaign

Switch @6 by Hansa was a  hugely successful, “free-to-play”,  sponsored USSD game campaign, that ran on South Africa’s largest mobile network.

The purpose of the campaign was to educate South Africans on the special intrinsic characteristics of Hansa Pilsener, and to encourage them to switch to Hansa Pilsener. A trivia game on pilseners allowed players to learn about pilseners in a fun and entertaining way.

Hansa Switch @6 also included a “beer brewing” game. The game involved virtually mimicking the brewing process through gamification. Players “virtually” crafted or brewed the beer, including gathering or harvesting of the hops.

The game provided a fun and engaging experience, giving a positive view of the Hansa brand, while at the same time gathering user data that could be used later for further interactions with the consumer.

133,806 players started the game and 48% of the players that started the game, finished it.

123,879 of these players completed their profile and 700,196 digital beers were brewed.