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Intelligently Transforming your Products

Let us intelligently transform your products with Digitata’s suite of intelligent products

Our suite of intelligent products empowers mobile operators to intelligently transform customers’ purchasing, usage and other behaviours for voice and data products.

Our intelligent products increase voice, data and digital service adoption, consumption and revenue, and also create more loyal customers.

The products are supported by a toolkit of machine learning algorithms, A/B testing scenarios, customer engagement mechanisms and data analytics driven by big data from multiple data sources on the operator network and on the edge as part of our Vaitom platform.

The products are supported by business advisory services such as Go-To-Market strategies and analytics to maximise return on investment for the operator.

Our intelligent products empower mobile operators to:

  • deliver customer-optimised pricing for voice, data & digital services.
  • transform customer purchasing, usage and behaviour decisions.
  • entice customers to build their digital journeys with the operator.
  • take advantage of big data and machine learning algorithms.
  • intelligently price existing products or create new products.
  • enable customer-contextual, automated and ‘always on’ pricing.
  • make better and more informed decisions for product pricing.

// Our intelligent products help evolve connected customers into modern digital customers to maximise lifetime value for mobile operators. //