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The Vaitom Features

Vaitom features include:

  • Implementation, configuration and management of the full suite of Digitata Intelligent Voice and Data Products.
  • Management and provisioning of all optimal price points to an installed charging system at the mobile operator.
  • A scalable and modular on-site or cloud-hosted platform including Big Data management.
  • The continuous streaming, transformation, summarisation and storage of raw data sources including EDR’s, CDR’s, PM Stats, logs and Events with Digitata’s Data Warehouse.
  • The hosting, configuration and tuning of Digitata’s machine learning algorithms.
  • Configuration, implementation and management of RAN, Core, OCS, VAS, CVM and BI vendor interfaces.
  • Multi-channel customer communication management
    (E.g. USSD, SMS and progressive web apps).
  • Data analytics of customers, products and usage using Data Cubes.
  • Business intelligence and reporting of intelligent products performance using Tableau.
  • Online administration portal for system configuration and business rule management of intelligent products.
  • Customer profiling and segmentation configuration and management.
  • Customer engagement through Digitata’s gamification engine.
  • Multi-stage customer journey and campaign management.
  • Real time operation, maintenance and alarming capabilities